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Are you feeling more forgetful lately? Do you have a close relative with Alzheimer’s? Do you want to take proactive steps to care for your brain and improve your memory but don’t know where to start?

Studies have shown that taking early action to preserve brain health can make all the difference in our cognition as we age.

Improving lifestyle choices around nutrition, exercise and sleep, and learning to manage stress, are great first steps in sharpening our brains and living more vibrant and healthier lives. But as we get older, it is hard to make these changes without support.

Sharp Again Naturally has been a leader in sharing information about the causes of memory loss. We are now offering an exciting hands-on program to help keep your brain sharp!

What is the Stay Sharp Coaching Program?

The Stay Sharp Coaching program offers a unique opportunity for those looking to preserve their cognition, or who are just beginning to notice lapses in their memory, to take a more active role in enhancing their brain health. Working closely with a professional health coach and bolstered by peer support in a secure, supportive and confidential online setting, participants work to:

  • Identify and begin to modify lifestyle factors that may be impacting their brain health
  • Learn from one another’s experiences
  • Acquire the tools needed to strengthen their cognition

Participants must live independently and be willing and able to make doable lifestyle changes. By the time the program ends, participants will have the knowledge and confidence to keep building on what they have learned to maintain a healthy, vibrant life.

What’s included in the program?
  • Two private consultations with a Sharp Again health coach
  • 75-minute group coaching calls via Zoom
    • Six sessions for the Foundational Groups
    • Four sessions for the Advanced Groups
  • A comprehensive manual and workbook to help you stay on track
  • Access to an online assessment to measure core elements of your cognitive function
  • Access to email support during the program
  • Sharp Again’s library of expert recordings, educational information, research and resources

Each program is limited to 8 participants.

New groups are always forming. Please contact us for more information.

Sharp Again Naturally is committed to providing everyone with the tools and information they need for better brain health. Program scholarships are available on an as-needed basis. Email us at to learn more.

Upcoming Sessions

Eating for Body and Brain – September 2022
This session spans multiple dates.
Start Date: September 9, 2022 11:00 am - 12:15 pm ET
Registration Fee: $79
What we eat can make a big difference in how we function throughout the day. Our meals are meant to be enjoyable—nourishing our bodies, and keeping ...
Stay Sharp Foundational Coaching – October 2022
This session spans multiple dates.
Start Date: October 7, 2022 12:00 pm ET
Registration Fee: $79
The Stay Sharp Foundational Coaching program offers a unique opportunity for those looking to preserve their cognition, or who are just beginning to ...

Testimonials from participants

“I like the way everyone participates. We all have different issues, but when we share we learn from each other.” – T.T.

“From participating in the Small Group program, I have been able to cut down on my snacking by 70% and started a regular exercise program, resulting in a significant improvement in my energy levels. I found the coaching and group support particularly helpful.” – R.C.

“I am very excited to be a part of this group and look forward to ongoing meetings.” – F.G.

“I’m grateful to be able to participate.” – G.B.

“It helps to have the chance to connect with others going through the same experiences.” – R.S.

“Our moderator has a warm and welcoming energy that makes me feel comfortable in the group.” – B.G.

“Thank you for your diversified and comprehensive presentations.” – D.S.

“The program is extremely interesting and the topics are excellent.” – G.B.

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