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As an adjunct to our live presentations that address the many causes of dementia and how it can be prevented and treated, Sharp Again Naturally offers free 60-minute webinars to communicate this information more broadly.

Webinars present Sharp Again Naturally’s 10 Causes of Dementia – with two or more in greater detail – with research supporting a multi-therapeutic approach to addressing memory loss.

In each Stay Sharp Webinar, we provide realistic steps you can take today, in order to take better care of our brains.

Upcoming Webinar:

  • A Sharper Mind as We Age January 24, 2022, 1:15pm ET. If memory loss is not a natural part of aging, what can we do to stay “with it” as we age? Lifestyle, environmental factors and genes all may contribute to memory loss. Learn about what you can do today to age well and keep your brain healthy throughout your life.

Visit Sharp Again Naturally’s YouTube channel to see recordings of past webinars. New webinar dates coming soon!

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