Our Mission & Impact

We envision a world where dementia can be prevented, treated and reversed, and where everyone has the ability to remain cognitively healthy throughout their lives. 

Our Mission

  • To educate the public and medical community about preventing dementia and improving brain health
  • To empower everyone to take charge of their cognitive health and general wellbeing
  • To support lifestyle changes that can improve cognition and may slow or reverse memory loss using a scientifically based multi-therapeutic approach
  • To partner with like-minded professionals and organizations to broaden our reach and deepen our understanding of memory loss and its causes

We will achieve our mission when everyone knows the steps they can take to preserve their cognition, and that support is available to incorporate those steps into their lives.

At Sharp Again, we believe that epigenetics (the interaction of our genes with lifestyle and environmental factors) is more powerful than genetics. For those with a family history of Alzheimer’s, there may be a higher risk for the disease… but research is proving that our genes are not our destiny.

Our Impact

A dementia diagnosis is emotionally overwhelming, and it can take time for those affected to shift their focus to wellness and start the process of testing and treatment. The idea that  memory loss can be treated is new for patients and for many doctors. We now know that with the proper tools and support, most people can improve their cognition, and some will fully regain their former lives.

We are on the front lines, presenting at conferences and local community centers.  Not only do we address the causes of memory loss, we provide actionable steps that can be taken today to improve brain health. Sharp Again continues to educate thousands of people every year online through webinars, our Stay Sharp Coaching Programs, newsletters, social media, and eblasts.

Sharp Again also partners with other organizations to expand our audience, spread our message, and underscore the importance of seeking help as early as possible. We are committed to helping each and every individual or family member we come into contact with to improve their situation, thereby not only slowing the tide of dementia but truly changing the outcomes, one person at a time.

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