Tapani was one of the first participants in Sharp Again’s group coaching programs. He has seen them evolve from coach-led group support meetings with health professionals as guest speakers, to their current iteration as a personalized group experience, bolstered by one-on-one sessions with health coaches and strengthened by the group dynamic.

“I was noticing my memory was slipping. In particular I was having difficulty remembering names,” Tapani explains. “A loved one put me in touch with Sharp Again. I’d been doing seminars here and there, but this was a more logical next step–working with professionals who would guide me through the process.”

Tapani was also one of the first participants in our Advanced Program, newly created in 2021 for individuals who have completed the Foundational program and were looking to take a deeper dive into specific topics around memory loss.

“I find that the group is really meaningful. I wish I had more time to do the reading, but it’s been a fantastic experience. Now I know how to address my memory issues, and it’s become a real tool for me that I can go over again and again, giving me a real understanding.”

Tapani expressed his frustration at the way memory loss is viewed. He feels the fact that there are things people can do to prevent or address it, especially in its early stages, is something that our health care system needs to get behind. “It’s disturbing to me that we don’t have a better system in our country to make people feel comfortable about getting help for memory loss. Maybe they wouldn’t wait so long to do something about it. I’m so proud to be part of these groups.”

The journey to brain health, and to staying cognitively healthy, is different for each individual. Some just need the fundamentals that they find in Sharp Again’s webinars. Others need a bit more structure around tools to put those fundamentals into action, and benefit from participation in a Stay Sharp Coaching program. Others, like Tapani, appreciate the structure of the group and coaching dynamic, and find they do better as ongoing program participants. He has not had any testing done around his cognition, and has shared that it is not a direction he wishes to go. But he is seeing the benefit of ongoing participation in Sharp Again’s programs, and that is what keeps him coming back.

“I’m eating differently now, exercising more, working to keep my brain stimulated. The structure of the group has helped keep me on track. When I am not in the group, I tend to slip back into old habits, which is why I continue to sign up for the programs.”

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