Vibhu Nagral

Vibhu Nagral is a certified health, wellness, and life coach with over 25 years of global experience in health education, yoga therapy, and coaching.  She founded Choose to be Well 25 years ago with a commitment to enabling you to make the right choice to take charge of your wellbeing. Choose To Be Well helps you shape a healthy mind, build a fit body, retain mental agility, and transform your lifestyle to stay sharp and lead an independent, healthy, happy life. Choose To Be Well ( has a collaborative approach called Circle of Wellness that you build with your doctor, your family, and wellness professionals to achieve optimum health, which is delivered with care, commitment, and confidentiality. Clients receive personal guidance combining evidence-based scientific and experiential practice, yoga therapy, mindfulness, and stress management. mantra is Aging is natural, aging well is a choice! With a career that spans both the US and India, she has extensive global experience in private practice, corporate and hospital wellness consulting, and leading workshops with corporates and hospital networks she has gained a rich assorted experience with a global population seeking wellness of mind, body and spirit.



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