The Benefits of Gratitude!

By: Vibhu Nagral

“Thanksgiving” … is it just a time of year or something we can practice throughout the year? You will notice the gradual yet transformational changes when you live in an attitude of gratitude!

The science of gratitude and how it affects our mind and body.

Being grateful or thankful builds feelings of contentment and abundance, which is like a GPS for the brain – producing beneficial messengers which can change the chemistry of the body. Living with an attitude of gratitude increases relaxation responses and rewires our brains. Kickstarting the production of dopamine and serotonins, the feel-good neurotransmitters which activate the bliss centers of the brain, creates happiness and contentment. This phenomenon seems to be self-perpetuating. Research suggests if you cultivate an attitude of gratitude, with regular practice you can train your prefrontal cortex to better retain positive experiences and thoughts while deflecting negative thoughts.

Studies prove that being thankful can:

  • Improve overall well being
  • Reduce depression
  • Increase happiness
  • Strengthen resiliency
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Decrease pain
  • Lead to more energy
  • Result in better sleep
  • Increase empathy
  • Generate higher self-esteem


How to cultivate an attitude of gratitude

  1. Celebrate minor accomplishments.
  2. Think about what you have rather than dwelling on what you don’t have.
  3. Tell the people in your life what you appreciate about them. Tell yourself too!
  4. Volunteer and offer acts of kindness like opening a door for a stranger.
  5. Try meditation. Positive brain changes can occur from regularly meditating and practicing mindfulness.
  6. Keep a daily gratitude journal.

The science is clear and so are the outcomes.
Give Gratitude a Go!


Vibhu Nagral, health, wellness, and lifestyle medicine coachVibhu Nagral is a wellness and lifestyle medicine professional with over 20 years of global experience in health education, yoga therapy, and coaching. With a career in both the US and India spanning private practice, corporate workshops and consulting with doctors/hospital networks, her current focus is brain longevity therapy.

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