SharperMind™ Webinars

As an adjunct to our live presentations that address the many causes of dementia and how it can be prevented and treated, Sharp Again Naturally has now developed free 60-minute webinars to communicate this information more broadly.  Webinars present SAN’s 10 Causes of Dementia (with two or more in greater detail), research supporting a multi-therapeutic approach to addressing memory loss, and realistic steps each of us can take today to better care for our brains.

SharperMind™ Small Group Program

The SharperMind™ Small Group Programs are safe, secure, and affordable online groups for those concerned about their cognition and brain health. Throughout the program, individuals will work with a professional health coach in a supportive small group setting to identify and begin to modify lifestyle factors that may be impacting their brain health. Meetings are confidential.

Group members will have the opportunity to learn from one another’s experiences and benefit from the expertise of a community dedicated to helping preserve memory and restore minds. By the time the program ends, participants will have the tools and confidence to keep building on what they have accomplished, as they move towards a healthy, vibrant, independent life.

Included in the ten-week program:

  • Two 1:1 consultations with a Sharp Again health coach
  • Six 75-minute group coaching calls via Zoom video conferencing
  • Access to support during gap weeks
  • Access to a Private Vault containing recordings of past group meetings, previous expert recordings, and educational information

“I like the way everyone participates. We all have different issues, but when we share we learn from each other.”

– TT, Fall 2020 program participant

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