Heather Norris

By 2017, Heather Norris’ family members noticed that she had changed. She was repeating herself and, according to Craig, her husband of 50 years, she was losing her “zest” for things. Her mother had had dementia, and Heather thought she might be going down that path. When she went for testing, her neurologists gave her a devastating diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease, and told her there was nothing they could do.

Fortunately, Heather and Craig connected with neurologist Dr. Dale Bredesen, who has been researching and writing about Alzheimer’s for decades – what causes it and what can reverse its symptoms. Dr. Bredesen has identified a series of what he calls “dementigens” which are factors that contribute to dementia, including inflammation, high blood sugar, exposure to environmental toxins, and hormonal imbalances. Heather and Craig spent a week at Dr. Bredesen’s “immersion program” in California. There, Heather went through comprehensive testing, including exhaustive blood tests to identify which of these factors could be contributing to her cognitive decline.

Heather learned that the causes of her dementia included extremely high levels of mold toxicity, as well as elevated blood sugar and hormonal imbalances. With help from family members, she and Craig reacted quickly, making comprehensive changes to their lifestyle and in their environment.  They removed possible sources of mold or mildew in their house, including curtains and carpeting, and even replaced their mattress. They completely revamped their diet, eliminating sugar and processed foods, and are now consuming up to 30 cups of organic vegetables per day. In addition, Heather takes nutritional supplements recommended by the Bredesen team. She and Craig also exercise daily and get 8 hours of sleep per night.

Craig describes Heather’s cognitive improvement as gradual, but “all of a sudden she would make jokes again.” Two and a half years after adopting her new brain-healthy program, Heather feels “like she has her life back.”




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