Quiet The Mind With Kirtan Kriya

By Vibhu Nagral 
Vibhu is a wellness coach, a Brain Longevity Specialist and a board member with Sharp Again

Research has shown that the Kirtan Kriya, a 12-minute ancient meditation practice, reduces stress and contributes to brain health and longevity.  Kirtan Kriya is a type of meditation from the Kundalini yoga tradition. It involves chanting the sounds  “SA” “TA” “NA” “MA” which come from the mantra “Sat Nam,” meaning “my true essence.”

In Kirtan Kriya we express Sa Ta Na Ma in three styles of vibrations –chanting aloud, in a whisper and silently to oneself. The tongue touches specific parts of the mouth, stimulating targeted neurotransmitters. At the same time, our fingers move continuously in a repetitive pattern, invigorating acupressure points and creating neural pathways linking sound and movements simultaneously. This elegant combination enhances blood flow, and recharges and refreshes the brain, thus improving alertness and cognition.

Practicing the Kirtan Kriya allows us to go on a journey inward, creating a unique and challenging personal growth experience. Twelve minutes of Kirtan Kriya may seem short or long depending on the chatter level of the mind in that moment. The hope is that with daily practice, the mind will quiet more readily and the silence that follows the meditation will linger longer. It is this silence that transforms the distressed mind into the de-stressed mind.

Are you ready to commit to 12 minutes of Kirtan Kriya a day for brain longevity?

  • Experience relaxation to build cognitive resilience, reserve and stamina
  • Let go of mental confusion to release brain fuzz
  • Shape a healthy brain to build a healthy body
  • Live an alert, mindful, and happy life to be sharp again naturally

Here are two youtube videos that will help you get started:

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