Q&A – Stay Sharp Maintain Your Brain Group Coaching Program

Who is this program for?

The Maintain Your Brain Coaching program is for people who have participated in either the Stay Sharp Foundational or Eating for Body & Brain coaching programs.

The biggest reason people give for repeating a past program is that they feel they have slipped backward in their healthy habits. They remember how much better they felt when they were able to maintain a healthier lifestyle. They want to get back into those habits, but they need support.

How is this program different from the program I already did?

In the other programs, we spent time making sure everyone had a basic knowledge of the topics of sleep, stress, nutrition, and exercise. We talked about goal setting and gave you the tools to begin to create lifestyle habits that would positively impact your brain health. As you probably discovered, making lifestyle changes, and creating new habits can be hard, and happen slowly over time. You most likely felt that when the program ended you hadn’t really had the time to accomplish what you wanted to. In this program, we focus on coaching and support rather than information, to help you get back on track.

How does that work?

Maintain Your Brain meets as a group once a month. Each group meeting will be in an open coaching/group discussion format. You will be encouraged to get clear on a lifestyle change you want to make, and steps you could take to make that a reality. Guided by your coach, the group will be your sounding board and accountability “buddies”. The longer period of time between sessions gives you more of an opportunity to implement the changes you want to see.

What if I need more support?

We are pleased to make individual 20 minute “laser coaching” sessions available once a month to those who want it. Prior to each private session you will fill out a form to be submitted to the coach. This will help you clarify what it is you most want help with and make the laser sessions productive and meaningful for you.

We will also have a private Facebook page monitored by the coach, where you can post your wins and challenges, share pertinent articles and ask questions. Additionally, we will make tools available to you in PDF format to help you in achieving your goals.

Sharp Again is committed to helping you achieve a long “health-span”; That is, to live as many years as possible with your health and your cognition intact. We hope that this program will help you do just that.

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