Mountains for Minds

At Sharp Again, we envision a world where dementia can be prevented, treated, and reversed and where everyone can remain cognitively healthy throughout their lives. Please help us raise funds to make that dream possible.

Join us in June 2023, during Alzheimer’s and Brain Health Awareness Month, to help us raise funds to support our educational programming and community outreach efforts.

You can participate from anywhere! Mountains for Minds is an entirely virtual event that encourages participation from everywhere. Participants will “choose their mountain” when registering for the challenge.

Mountains for Minds!
Challenge yourself by choosing a mountain, hill, or local high point to summit. You can run, bike, walk, hike, or ascend the mountain in any way that works for you.
Climb for Cognition!
Challenge yourself by choosing an overall elevation goal. You can run, bike, walk, hike, or gain elevation in any way that works for you.
Distance to fight Dementia!
If mountains or elevation don’t work for you, choose the number of steps or miles you want to achieve. You can run, bike, walk or hike to reach your goal.

The only requirements are to get out there, challenge yourself, and take a photo at the summit, when you beat your goal or cross the finish line!

Registration fee: $25.00 + $2.50 RunSignUp fee

Register here

Please post photos with the hashtags #MountainsforMinds and #PostYourPeak, or send it to us to post!

Earn Special Prizes
After registration, each participant can create an individual fundraiser. The starting goal for each fundraiser is $100, and anyone that hits this goal will receive the Mountains for Minds T-Shirt.

  • Basecamp: $100 fundraising level – Mountains for Minds T-shirt reward.
  • Ascent: $300 fundraising level – Mountains for Minds Baseball Cap reward
  • Peak: $1000 fundraising level – Special recognition at the wrap-up celebration

Wrap-Up Celebration
We invite you to join us to celebrate everyone’s accomplishments at the wrap-up celebration for the Mountains for Minds event on June 27th at 7:00pm ET. We will highlight all the incredible adventures everyone had along the way and the giant step we will have made toward Sharp Again’s Mission. More information will be sent to all registrants in June!

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