Steve Ledvina, NBC-HWC

Steve is a board-certified health and wellness coach focusing on brain health and Alzheimer’s prevention. In his coaching practice, KnowingAlz, he works with individuals to implement lifestyle changes to prevent dementia, maintain their cognition, and improve their quality of life.

For Sharp Again, he co-founded the small group coaching programs, served as the Chair of the Programming committee, and is a lead health coach.

Steve’s motivation comes from the significant impact dementia has had on his family. With three grandparents, he saw the struggles of living with dementia, so his focus turned to prevention. His goal is to help his family and community implement lifestyles that prevent dementia and enable long health spans. He believes in improving brain health by using an individualized and multi-therapeutic approach.

Beyond his brain health work, Steve works as a sales and marketing consultant for small businesses and previously worked for NetSuite and Oracle in the same field. He received his B.S. in Psychology and Economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and resides in Denver, CO.

He is delighted to be working with Sharp Again and serving as its Board Chair.

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