Robert Grabel

Robert Grabel is committed to serving others with a career that has included work in both the for profit and nonprofit sectors. After growing his practice in in financial services, he spent nearly two decades in the nonprofit arena doing everything from launching his own start-up charity to serving in senior leadership roles where he helped raise millions in support of a wide range of causes. Robert focuses on working with young and growing nonprofits with a special focus on helping entrepreneurs move from vision to reality, from fiscal sponsorship to their 501(c)-3 designation and on-wards towards sustainability.

He is a passionate advocate for the nonprofit sector, writes and speaks on a wide range of industry topics and volunteers for organizations in his own community. Robert created his company Nonprofit Now! to provide organizations and their leaders with the support they need to change the world. From Executive Coaching and Board Development to Fundraising Consulting and Development, Nonprofit Now! offers leaders customized services nonprofits need to grow and thrive.

Robert also writes, plays music, runs and loves his time with his family and dog. His first book, Just Do The Work: The Portable Nonprofit Coach is available on Kindle and paperback. You can learn more about him at

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