Mark Morawski

Mark is a seasoned Chief Technology Officer boasting over two decades of diverse industry experience. Throughout his career, he has been steadfastly committed to leveraging technology to address the needs of his customers and stakeholders. In his most recent role, Mark spearheaded the introduction of a groundbreaking payments platform in Southeast Asia, targeting an under-served demographic lacking access to traditional banking services.

With a master’s degree in Computer Information Systems from Nova Southeastern University under his belt, Mark is not only well-versed in his field but also a sought-after speaker at various industry conferences and events.

However, Mark’s journey took a profound turn over the past decade as he delved into the intersection of lifestyle, environment, and genetics in shaping human lifespan and health-span. Witnessing the debilitating impact of metabolic and neurological diseases on his own family members, he made it his mission to dedicate his spare time to understanding and addressing these health challenges. Mark is deeply passionate about driving progress towards a future where dementia can be prevented, treated, and even reversed, ensuring cognitive health for all.

When he’s not immersed in his professional or philanthropic pursuits, Mark enjoys quality time with his three adult children and his wife, Ann, in their North Texas home.

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