Interactive Activities for Cognitive Health: Games

Brain Training through Games

Our brain is like a muscle; it needs to be exercised to  keep it healthy and functioning at its best. Game playing keeps the mind active and can help slow memory loss, with the added benefits of fostering relaxation and socialization, while boosting coordination and dexterity.

Jigsaw Puzzles

There are many benefits to puzzles as we age. In addition to focusing concentration, they can help reduce blood pressure and slow breathing rate. When selecting puzzles for those suffering from memory loss, make sure to match the puzzle to the ability.

Board Games

As we shelter in place, Family Game Night has made a comeback, by offering opportunities to spend time with grandparents you can’t visit with. Set up a Zoom night and play games like, Bingo, Charades, or Headbanz. Not only will they offer mental stimulation, they will also provide hours of fun and laughter.

Online Brain Boosts 

Online games and apps can make enhancing memory and improving mental health fun! Free Flow, Solitaire and Dots are just a few of the hundreds of free choices available. Some can even be played in multiplayer mode like Words With Friends, for a much-needed social component.

Puzzle Books and Word Games

Old-fashioned crossword and word search puzzle books are inexpensive, easily portable, and ideal for those who are not comfortable with electronics. Available in large print for those who need it, they encourage those with cognitive impairment to retain their language skills.

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