Hormonal Imbalances

An inability to think and reason clearly may be caused by low levels of hormones, including thyroid, HGH, and gender hormones (estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone).

Tips to Consider

Many people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia have low levels of T3 thyroid hormone. However, standard thyroid tests often miss T3 levels, and Synthroid, a popular thyroid drug, can become less effective as we age. Low levels of other hormones  (HGH, estrogens, progesterone, and testosterone) put us at risk as well.

To get an idea about whether hormonal imbalances might be causing problems:

  • Take your temperature upon waking, and several times during the day before meals, for several days running. A temperature below 97 degrees F can signal low T3 thyroid levels and adrenal fatigue.
  • See a functional medicine or naturopathic doctor to have your hormone levels tested, and receive bio-identical or other hormone supplementation, if necessary.