Heavy Metal Toxicity

Tips to Consider

Mercury is a dangerous neurotoxin that can produce symptoms identical to Alzheimer’s Disease. Sources of mercury include “silver” amalgam dental fillings (50% mercury), large “steak” fish (e.g. tuna, swordfish, shark), and some vaccines.

  • Ask for a urine-challenge test, which detects levels of a number of heavy metals, including mercury, lead, arsenic, copper, cadmium, etc.
  • If you test high for mercury, and now have or have ever had “silver” fillings, consult a mercury-safe dentist who fully understands the dangers of mercury to the brain, how to safely remove fillings, and how to work with a holistic physician to complete a detoxing process. There are various detoxing protocols that can clear the body of heavy metals.
  • Consider having a genetic test to see if you carry copies of the ApoE-4 gene, which indicates the body’s difficulty in detoxifying mercury unassisted. If you have one or two of these genes, and you have mercury fillings, make a visit to a mercury-safe dentist a priority.