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Better Detox = Better Brain


Ever wonder if "Detox" is just the latest trendy buzzword or if there is truth and substance behind the concept? Turns out there are actually certain forms of detox that positively impact health and longevity. In this webinar, Dr. McDonnell will be teasing out what they are and how to weave them into your daily …

The ApoE4 Gene: What It Tells Us and What We Can Learn from It


Over 12 million people have had their DNA analyzed by direct testing companies like 23andMe or Ancestry. Many have found out that they have ApoE4, a gene that significantly raises their risk of Alzheimer’s, but it’s no guarantee that a person will actually develop it. There are many other factors that can contribute to developing …

Brain Health 101: Preventing Cognitive Decline Workshop

Our brains provide us with amazing imaginations, house our happiest memories, alert our other organs to do their jobs, and enable us to learn, laugh and enjoy our lives. Taking the best care of our brains is imperative to ensure we keep them healthy as we age. Join health coaches Steve Ledvina and Myra Oney …

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