Cognitive Assessment and Private Consultation

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Are you beginning to notice lapses in your cognition?
Do you have a family history of memory loss?
Even if you feel fine, do you really know how your current cognition measures up?
Our brains are capable of amazing things, yet many of us ignore the importance of keeping this vital organ healthy – until it isn’t. Memory loss is often gradual and can go unnoticed until it becomes a problem. Decreases in cognition can happen at virtually any age, with many factors playing a role. Having a clear understanding of how healthy your brain is can ensure you are taking the right steps to stay sharp and vital throughout your life.

The Importance of Measuring Your Cognition
Just as with physical health measurements such as blood pressure and heart rate, measuring core executive functions such as memory, reasoning and the ability to concentrate is key to safeguarding your overall well-being. Understanding where deficits exist can help detect early warning signs, and encourage you to put a plan into action to best preserve your quality of life.

Monitoring brain health is as important to our long-term well-being as monitoring physical health. Multiple studies have shown that plans focused on prevention and early intervention offer the best cognitive outcomes. So no matter your age or mental acuity, cognitive assessments are for everyone!

Sharp Again offers all our group coaching participants the ability to take an online assessment that measures diverse cognitive functions. This assessment helps people to understand if and where deficiencies exist, and can help inform the best plan to address them.

Sharp Again’s cognition assessments are provided by Creyos, formerly Cambridge Brain Sciences, an independent third party testing service whose assessments are scientifically validated and are used by thousands of health care practitioners across the globe to objectively measure brain health.

How it Works
Cost for the assessment is $35. Within 24 hours of sign-up, you will be provided with an access link, along with instructions. Using your desktop/laptop computer or tablet, you’ll complete a series of gamified and engaging cognitive tasks that take 90 seconds – 3 minutes per task. Each task measures a specific aspect of your cognition including:

  • Memory
  • Reasoning
  • Concentration
  • Verbal Ability

Results are compared to those of other individuals in your gender and age group. After you complete the tasks, we will set up a time to speak with one of our certified health coaches who will help you review and interpret your results. You’ll have the ability to ask questions, benefit from the coach’s expertise, gain a better understanding of areas of concern, and discuss what next steps would be helpful.

Note: The results of your assessment are completely confidential. They are only shared with the participant and the coach assigned to review the results.

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