2023 Summer Benefit Honoree & Guest Speaker – Julie Gregory

Julie Gregory
Chief Health Liaison, Apollo Health

Julie is the founder and president of the ApoE4.Info non-profit, a grassroots organization of ApoE4 carriers working to prevent and reverse Alzheimer’s disease and among the many who have recovered their cognitive health using the Bredesen Protocol. Sharing the knowledge she gained from reversing her cognitive decline, she has collaborated with Dr. Bredesen and his integrative physician wife, Dr. Aida Lasheen Bredesen, to write the handbook portion of the New York Times bestseller “The End of Alzheimer’s Program”.

Julie integrates her background in journalism, public relations, and counseling, with her passion for cognitive health to also serve as the Chief Health Liaison for Apollo Health, educating participants and practitioners about the protocol. You can read her story in “The First Survivors of Alzheimer’s.”

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